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Chiropractic care can often ease back pain and other issues which are common during pregnancy. And yes it is very safe.
Chiropractic care can offer so much more, please read on if you are interested.

A healthy relaxed pregnancy is what all mothers want and I presume we all want a pain free birth.
When I fell pregnant with Lara I spent time researching how to achieve the above, not only for my health and comfort but for the health and comfort of my growing baby.
I followed the same programme for my second baby Olivia and had two wondeful experiences.

This is my personal experience - Kathryn Volker, Chiropractor.

I had regular chiropractic care to make sure the muscles ligaments and bones of my pelvis were evenly flexible and symmetrical. This allowed the uterus to grow without constraint and allow the baby's growth to be free and comfortable.

Reflexology, was important to reduce water retention, balance hormones and the rest of the body's systems.

I had heard about Hypnobirthing and decided to try it with Helen Yates. I found that it gave me the confidence to trust the natural ability of my body to do what nature intended.

Both pregnancies were very straight forward, and I had never felt better.

Each time the birth was natural as planned, at home in water and without pain! Lara and Olivia came into this world gently without any fuss and have been happy easy babies.

Very few people know that by preparing their body for birth it will be more healthy for them and the baby. Minimising intervention and having a gentle birth is better for all concerned.

Obviously no one can guarantee a perfect birth, but if you are interested  we can offer a care package to suit you and your baby to enhance the chance of a gentle more healthy experience for mother and baby.

Are you pregnant?

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