Your Chiropractic Initial Consultation

Since the onset of COVID-19 we are asking you to tell us about the symptoms of your current complaint, and to complete a COVID Declaration before every face to face appointment. Having up to date information before your appointment saves face to face time for hands on care and provides a safer environment for all.

It is essential that you are aware of our procedures for face to face care and that you observe all COVID-19 precautions/restrictions when you visit – this keeps the clinic running smoothly and safely for everyone.

New Patient and Patient Consent forms are provided as .pdf documents, for you to: print, complete and return by email before your appointment – please return these a day or two before your appointment.

Please complete your COVID-19 Declaration within 24 hours of your appointment, so that the information you provide is correct at the time of your visit – the declaration can be completed online and takes about a minute.

Click on the links below to start completing your forms: