On-Going Care

Maintenance care is optional, but is a good idea to keep your body functioning properly.

Maintenance care is highly recommended for those of us with a hectic lifestyle which is less than perfect!  Your job might be ergonomically challenging, involve heavy awkward work, be too sedentary or just plain stressful. A refreshing treatment is fantastic at reducing the build up of problems.

People with chronic conditions such as arthritis, may have been told that they have to live with it. Only in very extreme instances have we found that people cannot be helped. There are many patients who keep ticking along nicely with a helping hand every now and again.

Whatever the problem, an accurate diagnosis is the starting point for your continued care.

We understand the value of continuity of care, so wherever possible, you will always see the same chiropractor. You are always welcome to see another member of the team if your regular practitioner is not available, all your notes will be accessible.

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