These guys are amazing! I love my visits whether it’s to see lovely Tracey for a massage, or the quite brilliant Alex who is a really talented Chiropractor. Thank you so much guys – you are all awesome! Carol
Carol H, Massage Client - Leighton Buzzard


Massage is available as an individual treatment, or as part of your rehabilitation plan under the guidance of your Chiropractor.

Massage is essentially a bodywork therapy, using a range of techniques to ease tension in the  muscles and soft tissues of the body by releasing toxins and promoting oxygen levels thus improving circulation and flexibility. It is a therapeutic technique suited to all, whether it be for relaxation or to work on a particular injury or musculoskeletal problem, each session is built around the needs of the patient.
We offer different types of massage, incorporating gentle manipulations, stretches and deeper tissue techniques when appropriate, but invariably a combination of techniques will be used to achieve the overall goal of each individual.

Combining Therapies

You may get more out of your session when a combination of approaches is used e.g. start with massage/Swedish massage then merge this with acupressure massage and finish with a little bit of reflexology. Tracey is experienced and qualified to advise which therapy is be best for you.

Our Massage Practitioner

Tracey Pratt

Massage Therapist (MFHT)

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